How To Approach Hotel Bar Hookers Bangkok

How To Approach Hotel Bar Hookers Bangkok

How To Spot A Hooker

Catching a drink at the hotel bar after a long and busy day full of meetings and work might get the person a little sad and gloomy. To lighten up the mood most people grab a drink at the hotel bar and might also look for some company who will eliminate their loneliness and provide them comfort and relaxation. The most common think would be to ask the bartender if they know someone who can act as your company. Most of the bartenders are in contact with the hotel hookers however the bartenders might recommend you only those sex girls which will give him/her some commission.

Usually the escort models are seated at the bar counter. If you find someone sitting alone in the corner table, there are chances she might not be a hooker as these women usually sit at the bar, right in the middle to attract as much attention they can of the men looking for such companions. If a woman sitting at the bar makes casual contact with you casually then she might be interested in offering you her services. Observe her for a few while maintaining eye contact with her. She will be hoping to luring you to spend the evening with her with her sweet and innocent smile while she flaunts her curves. If you make good eye contact with her, sit besides her at the bar as she will try to start a conversation with you however some hookers are have another approach as they feel like men should interact with them first. Don’t lose her interests as she might move on from you to look for another client.

One of the oldest (and most successful) ways of meeting someone new in a bar is to offer them a drink. Offer the women of your choice with a drink to casually start the conversation. This is an icebreaker and allows you to find out if the women is really interested in you. There are few old school tricks to instantly attract some of the best hookers of the hotel bar towards you. Try wearing some designer clothes or quality clothes which shows you are a person of good manners as well dressed man always get the best women. Try putting some expensive rings or watches to further strengthen your claim as a potential client. Keep your wallet stacked with money as well as these hookers take a peak at your wallet to see how much you can spend. Beware of the pick-pocketing though. You may also note that these women will never offer anything more than companionship and will never directly ask for money. You can ask them to accompany you to your hotel room for a quiet time where you can make your moves. However they might not accept money but they would happily accept expensive gifts and donations.

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